Midnight Atticus


Midnight Atticus


‘Midnight Atticus’ hand embellished canvas print by Amber-Jane Raab. Available in various sizes.

This bulldog artwork belongs to the ‘Best of British’ collection at Rare Interior Art. Each work in the collection is made up of quintessentially British images, from Stone Henge to fish and chips and everything in between. The closer you look the more you’ll notice.

‘Midnight Atticus’ is a new edition of ‘Atticus the Bulldog’ with a sleek black background that really makes the hand embellished colours stand out.

Amber-Jane Raab has become renowned for her bold style of vibrant, free strokes of colour that bring her canvases to life. Each one of her limited edition pieces is finished by hand so that no two pieces are the same. Take a look at the close-up pictures of ‘Midnight Atticus’ and you’ll see that the paints used to create these vivid markings are slightly raised, giving a unique texture to the canvas.

Each piece features a black edge at the side of the canvas finishing it so that it is ready to hang. Available in a range of sizes to suit your space.




Atticus the Bulldog has a proud stance and features quintessentially British images hiding inside his face and body image. Part of a special range of hand embellished prints. Each one features a glossy black edge to frame the canvas and glossy hand applied varnish. Each one is individually hand embellished in our art studio with raised metallic paint applied to the design, making it a true one off!


Our canvas prints are made using the best polycanvas available which holds colour beautifully and is fade resistant for 75 years. This hardwearing canvas is framed by our experts on 38mm gallery bars. Each piece is individually numbered and comes with a triangular card on the reverse which gives a record of the print, and inside, gives general information about Rare Designs. Once a design has reached the limit of its edition, it is no longer available.


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