Personalised Mosaic


Personalised Mosaic


RARE Personalised Mosaics are created using your photography. Our graphics team will create an image of your choice made up your own photos. We can assist in helping you decide what the overall image should be, or you may know exactly what you want. A photo of the overall image also needs to be supplied. Once you have placed an order you will receive a “what to do next” email with instructions.

Your photos will need to be sent to us on a CD/DVD or USB memory stick (which will be returned with the finished item). The process takes up to 1 week to send a proof to you from receipt of your photos. Once you confirm you are happy with the design, it takes up to 1 week to be produced and sent to you, ready to hang. Personalised mosaics are available in a wide range of other sizes, in both canvas prints, as well as mounted and framed. Gift Vouchers are also available.

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A Rare personalised mosaic is a design made up of hundreds of your own images. Mosaics are available on both stretched canvas or mounted and framed.

First decide on your size and shape, then decide on a main image, or Artwork. This can be one of your images, or one of our designs. Our graphic designers are happy to advise you on this if you’re not sure what you want.

Decide on the mosaic orientation, this can be either landscape or portrait, (we recommend landscape) please ensure that the majority of your photos are the correct orientation, as we will have to crop or omit images which are not the same way round as the rest. We’re happy to crop a handful, however cropping many images takes a long time which will incur additional charges.

Once you have placed you order and we will email you with ‘what to do next’ instructions.

We ask you to put up to the maximum number of allowable images (min 60kb each) on a CD/DVD or USB stick and send it to us, if you have fewer images, that’s fine, but its important to understand there will be more repeated images in the mosaic. If you have many more images than the maximum, please edit your final selection to include no more than the maximum number of images.

If you are providing the main image, please help us recognise your main artwork by naming it appropriately. When we receive your media, where applicable we will prepare the Artwork and email it for approval. Once approved we will design the mosaic and email it for approval. The design process takes up to one week once we have received your media, and the whole process usually takes about 2 weeks.

You are allowed one set of amendments as part of the price, possible amendments include swapping a handful of mosaic images for others within the design, to increase/ reduce the repetition of one or two specific images, and to tweak the contrast/ brightness. Once the mosaic stage has commenced, it is not possible to change the layout/ colouring/ composition of the underlying artwork or add/take away images from the mosaic collection.

We endeavour to use all the photos that are submitted, however there may be occasions when not all photos can be used due to composition, colour and quality. It is worth remembering that some repetition is necessary as no-one will ever view every single image on the design, so each image needs to appear a few times for optimum effect.

If you need any advice or have any questions please give us a call during office hours or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

SIZES – cm SIZE – Inches Max # of images PRICE
46x46cm 18×18″ 260 £135
61x61cm 24×24″ 400 £230
76x76cm 30×30″ 500 £299
91x91cm 36×36″ 500 £329
101x101cm 40×40″ 500 £349


SIZE – cm SIZE – Inches Max # of images PRICE
61x26cm 24×10″ 200 £99
61x40cm 24×16″ 300 £149
91x36cm 36×14″ 300 £220
91x61cm 36×24″ 500 £299
101x61cm 40×24″ 500 £299
111x46cm 44×18″ 500 £299
152x46cm 60×18″ 500 £329


SIZES – frame cm SIZE – Image cm Max # of images PRICE
50×50 33×33 260 £195
70×70 51×51 300 £260
42×29.7 27×14.7 200 £135
95×33 82×20 300 £240
100×50 83×33 400 £329


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