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Renowned artist Robin Mullen is one talented painter. And because of his innate experience he is able to create breathtaking works that are genuinely affordable. He champions traditional painting techniques with a contemporary edge. Amber has always had a soft spot for his fantastic seascapes and boatscapes, and an exclusive range of Brighton Seafront pieces have recently been added to the RARE collection.

Taking boatscapes to a new levels, Robin has created a fabulous collection of both small and large framed originals that produce an element of calm for any space.His use of texture in this works, and the wide range of colours used in his skies, mean there is something for everyone.

'"We absolutely love our art by Robin, its like we've added a window to the room that has a spectacular view, we couldn't be happier! "

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Robin Mullen

All about the artist

Robin has been working as a professional artist since 1987. His work was previously exhibited in his own dedicated galleries in Guildford, Surrey, England (1987-2012) and Kings Road, Chelsea, England (2000-2005). In 2012 he decided to spend more time dealing with clients individually rather than in a retail gallery environment. I supplied galleries throughout the UK and the US (1990-2010) and exhibited at art fairs; London (Design Centre), Manchester, Dublin, Newcastle, as well as the New York Art Expo. His work has been purchased by many individuals, companies and institutions including Tag Airport (Farnborough), and Manchester United
He was seen as a child prodigy in his early years always seen as the creative child asked to make or paint everything in school. With no interest from his family, he made his own way making paints from anything, crushing chalk to make white powder paint.
In an ever-changing world of art, he champions traditional methods, just pouring his thoughts onto canvas using simple materials.
“I am often asked who interests me. Two that are at the top of his list are the meticulous Richter, full of energy balance with tortured agony of Mark Rothko.” 

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