Chi-Chi Chihuahua Red


chi-chi-chihuahua-red-hand-embellished-dog-art-print- Rare-Interior-Art

Chi-Chi Chihuahua Red


Chi-Chi Chihuahua Red is part of a the ‘Best of British’ collection at Rare Interior Art by artist Amber-Jane Raab.

Each work in the collection is made up of quintessentially British images, from Stone Henge to the Houses of Parliament. Chi-Chi however, the trend setter she is, has a different take on ‘Best of British’ with images of fashion icons such as Twiggy and her favourite haute couture brands.

Amber-Jane Raab has become renowned for her bold style of vibrant, free strokes of colour that bring her canvases to life. Each one of her limited edition pieces are finished by hand so that no two pieces are the same. Take a look at the close-up pictures and you’ll see that the paints used to create these vivid markings are slightly raised, giving a unique texture to the canvas.

Chi Chi Chihuahua Red  sits on a vibrant red background making her a colourful statement piece for any room. Available in a range of sizes to suit your space.



Chi Chi Chihuahua Red and all other art created by Amber-Jane Raab and sold at Rare Interior Art is of the highest quality and finish.  You should expect only the very best, and we pride ourselves on surpassing our client’s expectations.  From the quality of the art, to the service provided, expect only the best from Rare Interior Art.  We are always here to answer any questions you may have, or pop down and see us or call us on 0203 5815674.


Amber-Jane Raab works in print design and mixed media from her studio space and gallery in Beckenham, Kent.

‘I wanted to create an environment where we could try new and exciting concepts, with the aim of creating show-stopping art without a hefty price tag. I wanted to make unpretentious and unique, affordable pieces that everyone can enjoy in their space. It’s refreshing to see the success of Rare, and I’m constantly excited watching ideas come to life in each new piece that I create.’


Our canvas prints are made using the best poly-canvas available.  Holds which holds colour beautifully and is fade resistant for 75 years. This hard-wearing canvas is framed by our experts on 38mm gallery bars. Each piece is individually numbered and comes with a triangular card on the reverse which gives a record of the print, and inside, gives general information about Rare Designs. Once a design has reached the limit of its edition, it is no longer available.




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chi-chi-chihuahua-red-hand-embellished-dog-art-print- Rare-Interior-Art

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