Vivid Butterfly Original


Vivid Butterfly Original


Vivid Butterfly is a mixed media original by artist Amber-Jane Raab measuring 61 x 61 cm.

The butterfly is arranged in a central composition against a vibrant mottled cerise background. Free, sweeping strokes of colour adorn the wings while bursts of yellow, crimson and glistening blue bring the work to life.

The artwork is created in stages, adding layer upon layer of textured paints, glitter pigment, spray paint and resin to create the final result. The outcome is a stunningly modern work that will make a statement in any space.

Signed by the artist in the bottom right hand corner.



Vivid Butterfly is a mixed media original that has been created on canvas with the highest quality textured paints, glitter pigments and 3D components. Our durable canvases are built to last; they are framed by our experts on 38mm gallery bars. The piece is varnished with resin, giving it a hard-wearing finish that will hold its colour and vibrancy for years to come.

All original art created by Amber-Jane Raab and sold at Rare Interior Art is of the highest quality and finish.  You should expect only the very best, and we pride ourselves on surpassing our client’s expectations.  From the quality of the art, to the service provided, expect only the best from Rare Interior Art.  We are always here to answer any questions you may have, or pop down and see us or call us on 0203 5815674.


Amber-Jane Raab works in print design and mixed media from her studio space and gallery in Beckenham, Kent.

‘I wanted to create an environment where we could try new and exciting concepts, with the aim of creating show-stopping art without a hefty price tag. I wanted to make unpretentious and unique, affordable pieces that everyone can enjoy in their space. It’s refreshing to see the success of Rare, and I’m constantly excited watching ideas come to life in each new piece that I create.’