Get Your Pooches Posing & Win a Hand-Embellished Rare Print

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Rare Interior Art Gallery has TWO hand-embellished doggy prints to giveaway absolutely free!

A nationwide hunt is underway for these wanted mutts. If you think you recognise any of the pooches in the RARE hand-embellished collection, we urge you to take action. If your pooch turns out to bare a striking resemblance to any of these wanted dogs then you’re in with a chance to win!

1st Prize A 61x61cm hand embellished print worth £199



2nd Prize A 46x46cm hand embellished print worth £120

Think your pup may be one of the RARE gang in disguise? Fancy winning a hand-embellished print identical to your critter? Then get your pooches posing and enter the competition!

Now meet the gang and find out how to enter!





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The more social media platforms you follow us on, the more chance there is of winning!



Post a photo of your adorable pup with the following info:

Name, Location, Favourite treat, Naughtiest habit.

@mention us in the post and use the hashtag #RarePoochGiveaway



Remember that the more your image is shared and talked about, the more chance you have of winning, so don’t forget to tell your friends and family and ask them to spread the news!

Go get your pooches posing!



A bit about the prizes on offer…

Rare artist Amber-Jane Raab has experienced huge success with her quirky and colourful hand-embellished animal prints. In preparation for the launch of this competition she has created 11 brand new designs, any of which will be up for grabs to the winners.

Each work is part of the ‘Best of British’ collection of hand-embellished pieces on canvas, all of which are limited edition. The collection is a celebration of Great Britain, making fun of the Britt’s love of their pets!

Artist Amber-Jane Raab starts each piece with a digital collage – every image in the collage is carefully selected for its quintessential Britishness – Fish and chips and the Union Jack, for example, are motifs you’ll find if you look at these prints up close.

To finish, the prints are hand embellished by the artist, using the energetic strokes of colour that she’s known for. These vibrant touches are done using textured paints, giving the finished pieces a 3D dimension that will bring any space to life.

Her work is currently available in Rare Galleries as well as independent galleries across the UK.