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Art in Commercial Spaces

Art in Commercial Spaces

The Impact of Art in Business Environments

Art as a Means of Corporate Expression

Art is not just about looking pretty or enjoying it personally. It has the power to transform your corporate brand and client base, just by placing the right piece in the right space.

When businesses use art, it helps them express their corporate values, ethos and attitude to culture and society, without using words (which can often limited the organic impression you want each client to experience). This is important because it helps companies tell their employees, clients, and visitors what they're all about and who they really are.


Psychological and Emotional Benefits for Employees and

Art has a special power to make us feel and change our moods. When businesses involve art in their spaces, it can make the environment more positive and happy for the people who work there. Studies have even shown that looking at art can help reduce stress, make people more creative, and just make them feel better overall.

Choosing the Right Artwork for Business

When businesses pick art for their spaces, they need to think about what the space is for. Is it a place where clients come to visit? Or is it a place where employees work together? Maybe it's a restaurant or café where people go to have a good time. Knowing the purpose of the space helps businesses choose the right art that fits with what they want to do and what they offer as a service. 


Considering Aesthetics and Colours

Besides matching the company's values, the art should also look good and fit in with the space and branding. Think about the colours, styles, and themes that will go well with everything else in the business. You wouldn’t hang the Mona Lisa in a MacDonalds, or a portrait of a Country Gentleman in a woman’s beauty salon. The art should catch people's attention and make the space interesting and exciting, while also making sense in the business setting. 

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