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Rare Art Lab - Brighton

We recently relaunched our Brighton gallery as the flagship 'Rare Art Lab': the go-to location for exciting, brand new work, trials, and limited editions by Amber-Jane Raab and the Rare Art Studio.  

As Rare Interior Art has grown over the years, we are now proud to be working in the fine-art arena, creating works for collectors and pushing the boundaries of art in modern life.  

We are proud to have a unique studio set-up that allows us to produce each artwork in-house and keep our standards as high as possible.

Affordable Art

The Rare Art Lab offers the same Rare Art standard at a slightly discounted rate, to encourage local shoppers and visitors to take home show-stopping art while exploring the seaside city. 

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What to expect

  • One-of-a-kind original artwork by Amber-Jane Raab

  • Special edition dog portraits

  • Limited runs of new collections that you won't find anywhere else

  • Collectable and affordable art in a variety of sizes and styles

Made in the UK

Each piece in the Rare Art Lab is inspired by the vibrant energy of Brighton and Hove and created in our professional art Studio in London. 

The pieces on show feature our most-lived limited edition and hand embellished designs, as well as brand new trials and concepts by Amber-Jane Raab and other Rare Artists.

Meet The Team

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