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We value our collectors...

So we put our heads together and came up with something truly unique. We have create a bonified club for our collectors to enjoy unique art-related perks and Rare exclusives.

To inspire your collection and keep you ahead of trends in the art world.

We know that the process of buying and owning art takes a lot of thought and care, and we wanted to thank you for trusting us to help you for do so.

How to Join

It all starts when you begin your art collection. Different tiers receive different privileges that come to you in a newsletter every month. The bigger your collection, the better the specials & offers!

Perks & Rewards

We want this to be an exciting club to be part of. So we have spent time coming up with the perks below to give you the ultimate art experience, and to support our aim to make everyone an art collector.

The bigger the tier, the bigger the rewards!

Workshops & Upcycling

Throughout the year Rare will host workshops such as 'Pimp Your Art' where we will help you choose ways to refresh your art with framing and finishing options.

Art club members - bring your old much-loved artwork in to our 'pimp your art' workshop, and we’ll give you tips and ideas of how to update and make good as new, with framing, and customisation options that will blow you away. Attend the event and get a RARE ART CLUB price for all works, see brand new works, and chat with the artist until you have all your burning questions answered.

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