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Blowing Bubbles

Amber Jane-Raab & Tess Good Collaboration

A fun and funky collaboration that brings together Amber-Jane's digital and collage work, with Tess Good's fantastic illustrations.

Take a closer look at these pieces that are moodboards created of cities. 

These pieces start with a sketch layout of a city or place, including landmarks, objects and a variety of things that represent the theme.  Then photography and illustrations are used to create a digital format.  This is printed and then created as a mood board, with all sorts of embellishments including gold and silver leaf, paints, pieces of fabric and more, to create unique and unusual pieces that add glamour and funk to any space.

'Working with Tess on this project is so much fun, I love adding all the embellishments and collage elements, and can't wait to see the finish product!' - Amber-Jane Raab

Blowing Bubbles

Come and see Tess's work for yourself at our Brighton Rare Art Lab gallery situated under the arches on the beach front in Brighton.

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