Amber-Jane Raab, Artist


The founder and lead artist at Rare Interior Art,  Amber-Jane is living the dream, creating affordable show stopping art for all, as well as collaborating with other artists to create unique new ranges….

Her work has been showcased around the world and has become highly collectable. 

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Born in South London and graduating from The Croydon School of Art, Adam Halliday’s work draws inspiration from everyday observations of society and his surrounding urban landscape.
His art is heavily inspired by brutal architectural, and his work has evolved to create amazing pieces based on this foundation.
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Adam Halliday, London Artist

Dan Pearce, London Artist

Dan Pearce has made a name for himself with his stunning art. He was voted as one of the most investible artists to look out for by Shortlist Magazine, and they haven't been wrong...
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A fun and funky collaboration that brings together Amber-Jane's digital and collage work, with Tess Good's fantastic illustrations.
Take a closer look at these pieces that are mood boards created of cities. 

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Tess Good Artist
Robin Mullen Artist

Renowned artist Robin Mullen is one talented painter. And because of his innate experience he is able to create breathtaking works that are genuinely affordable. He champions traditional painting techniques with a contemporary edge. Amber has always had a soft spot for his fantastic seascapes and boat scapes, and an exclusive range of Brighton Seafront pieces have recently been added to the RARE collection.
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One of the best parts of working for Rare, is having the opportunity to create great work as a team, bringing everyone’s unique skills together into a massive big ball of great art! 
Led by Amber-Jane Raab, there is an ever-growing range of digital designs.
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