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Art that Makes a Statement

Rare isn’t just another art gallery.

It’s an art studio, production house, art shop and all-round creative hub. We have the most diverse range of affordable handmade art on offer, from small prints, hand embellished canvases and unique investible originals.

Whilst most of the work is by London artist Amber-Jane, there’s also a great range of fantastic art for sale from a collaboration of top artistic talent.

Art House

Rare Interior Art is an art house that creates original art and limited-edition prints to galleries, businesses and end-clients throughout the UK, and beyond.

It’s a hive of creative activity; an artist’s paradise with an impressive collection of artists’ tools and machinery to assist with the creation of new and exciting pieces. We take great care to come up with new concepts and push the boundaries so that our ranges are always changing and moving forward.

Made in the UK

Each piece of art on offer is usually made onsite in our Beckenham, London UK studio, with love and attention.

Otherwise, it’s a top-pick from founder Amber-Jane Raab, of works that we are proud to promote within our walls.

New Artists

We’ll be showcasing new artists, letting you know what’s happening on the art scene in London, and giving the heads-up on any promotions and events we have going on online or in the gallery.

See Artists

Rare Art Lab - Brighton

We have a seaside gallery under the arches in Brighton. Showcasing the the diverse styles and ranges that come out of Rare Studios. Focussing ont he energy and vibe of Brighton itself.

Take me to the Beach

Meet The Team

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