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Catarina Diaz

Catarina Diaz is a London-based artist who has become an established figure in the art world.

having received multiple awards and recognition from the President of Portugal for her exceptional talent.

Her work has been represented internationally in digital installations, exhibitions, museums, and art fairs, including prestigious venues such as the Saatchi Gallery, The Design District, and W1Curates in London, the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, and various art events in New York, Lisbon, Brussels, Barcelona, Milan and Rome.

Her work has even been featured on television shows and in publications such as;
Artist Talk Magazine, The Flux Review, 365 Art Plus, Tatler, House & Garden, Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

'Catarina's creative process is rooted in her unique approach that stems from her own creativity, but it ultimately allows for someone else's imaginative creativity to come to life.'

Collaborating with other artists, designers, filmmakers, and composers on various projects, she creates minimalist collages that inspire viewers to search for a deeper meaning and embrace the beauty of imperfection, duality, and transcendent existence.

Her art envelopes the senses slowly, calling for them in subtle but exquisite ways, and her vibrant colour palette captures the essence of the feminine universe.

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