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Rare Art Studio

Collaborative Digital Designs

One of the best parts of working for Rare, is having the opportunity to create great work as a team, bringing everyone’s unique skills together into a massive big ball of great art! 
Led by Amber-Jane Raab, there is an ever-growing range of digital designs.

Our studio designs are headed by Amber-Jane Raab, are worked on by various members of the talented team at Rare, to create fantastic limited-edition prints to adorn any space.

We follow trends and make sure we always have a great offering of affordable, outstanding art. We start with a concept and then members of the team are involved in research, layouts, design imagery etc. The final proofs are always passed by Amber to ensure they are stand-out quality. There comes a point where the veil is lifted and that dog-eared poster you stuck up as a temporary fix isn’t quite cutting the mustard. We want something a bit funkier, and unique. We want art with a difference.

The team at RARE are dedicated to make this happen…