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The founder and lead artist at Rare Interior Art,  Amber-Jane is living the dream, creating affordable show stopping art for all, as well as collaborating with other artists to create unique new ranges….
Her work has been showcased around the world and has become highly collectable. 

Amber-Jane's work starts with photography and digital work, which is then printed and completed with layers of (sometimes secret) materials including sprays, ink and resin. It’s impossible not to want to touch her works, which have a gritty edge that she makes look effortless. With a focus on creating affordable art, a lot of her originals are available as limited edition prints, which are often embellished individually to give each a uniqueness. Her digital designs that are over-painted have become her trademark, and her original pieces are now highly sought after. She is the mother of Rare, passionate about her work. She also collaborates with artists at Rare to create other exciting ranges, all available on this site.

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Amber-Jane Raab

All About the artist

Rare Interior Art is the brainchild (and baby) of founder Amber-Jane Raab. It all started in 2002. Amber left her well paid job in the city to follow her dream. She started importing art from overseas artists, frustrated that she couldn’t find anything new and exciting that was affordable and UNIQUE, it wasn’t long before she started painting herself, and then designing her own prints. Within a year she had out-sold the art she was importing, and within 3 years she was only selling her own work through Rare Interior Art. ‘I don’t like to say I’m self-taught – as I’ve learnt so much from so many artists, who continue to teach and inspire me'. She works in print design and mixed media, often crossing them over to create pieces that entice the viewer to take a second look to see the full scope of the piece. I wanted to create an environment where we could try new and exciting concepts, with the aim of creating show-stopping art without a hefty price tag. Art can be seen as so pretentious, I wanted to make unique, affordable pieces that everyone can enjoy in their space. It’s refreshing to see the success of Rare, and I’m constantly excited watching ideas and concepts come to life in each new piece that I create.’ 

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