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Amber-Jane Raab

Founder, creator and lead artist at Rare Interior Art for over 20 years. With each exhibition and show across the country, Amber's work has been growing exponentially in collectible value, and focusses on the beauty in the chaos around us, and the vibrant contrasts of urban and natural environments.

"I founded Rare as a place to bring artists together and to provide unique original artworks to a wider range of people. I wanted to make everyone an art collector.

Amber's work is synonymous with vibrant colours, layers of texture and energy. Her work is inspired by the images and sights she see's everyday, which as a Londoner, often combines a chaotic, luxurious harmony between the city and nature. Combining colour, line and shape in bold and distinctive ways, each piece in her Original, Hand Embellished and Limited Edition collections display her personality and vibrant approach to art. Amber's ambition is to make everyone an art collector, and with clients and collectors around the world, it’s never been a better time to invest in the artist. More recently Amber has been exploring new materials and pushing boundaries of luxe texture, introducing diamond-dust, gold leaf and fabrics to her collections.

Raab has displayed her work at places such as the Saatchi Gallery and can be seen across the UK’s art event calendar with her bright, exciting works.

'I love the energy of being an artist. Waking up everyday with a new inspiration of direction for my work. I have been very lucky (not to mention worked very hard) to be able to do what I love!'

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