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Adam Halliday

Born in South London and graduating from The Croydon School of Art, Adam Halliday’s work draws inspiration from everyday observations of society and his surrounding urban landscape.

His art is heavily inspired by brutal architectural, and his work has evolved to create amazing pieces based on this foundation.

His background is in screen-printing and drawing extensive and intricate pieces by hand, some taking him up to 3 months to complete. To make his sought-after work more attainable, he has developed this new style using his graphics talents to create dynamic and eye-catching geometric prints, exclusively for Rare.

If you look beyond his bold and distinctive graphic imagery, you’ll recognise the patterns are architectural shapes of the local area. These translate to dynamic pieces of art that have everyone talking, and can be gazed at for hours on end…

'Adam is part of the Rare family, working in the Rare studio, a master of production, and all round very talented man.'

Adam Halliday

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