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What format do images need to be in? Please send your images in jpeg format, each one should ideally be at least 60kb for mosaics and 150kb for murals, the bigger the better. The main image for a mosaic should be larger, ideally at least 1MB. Send them by post to our studio on a CD/DVD or USB memory stick, which will be returned with the finished item.  

What works well as a mosaic? The most successful and effective mosaics are often the simplest; a recognisable view or landscape, or designs composed of simple shapes, such as countries or flags; or a high contrast 3 dimensional object such as sculpture or cars; or finally a word, like the date, a persons name or favourite thing.  

Can I email you my images/words? For Texturalised art, impressions and font art, it is possible to send text and images via email as there should only be one image. For murals and mosaics, unfortunately it isn’t. Sending many images via email often makes them too small to use to create a great result, and sending them piecemeal via email means we cannot guarantee that all images will be received – meaning some could be lost in cyberspace and nobody would know anything is missing until it’s too late!
Can you do people or animals? It depends – we can, and do create successful designs which feature portraits, however there are a few important things to note. They final result will always be much more successful if they are physically large, as it enables us to build the design with much smaller mosaics than we normally would in order to capture the detail. It’s also better to not have more than one or two faces in the design, otherwise it’s impossible to recreate the essence of the person/animal by capturing the minimum detail necessary to make a face recognisable.
Can I use both landscape and portrait images? For mosaics, all the images we use will either be portrait or landscape in orientation, so please ensure that the majority of your photos are the same orientation, (we recommend landscape shape), as we will have to crop or omit images which are not the same way round as the rest. We’re happy to crop a handful, however cropping many images takes a long time which we will have to charge extra for. For murals, it is best to have a good mix of different shaped images, so please send original, full size un-cropped images.

Will you use every single image in the mosaic? We’ll always do our best to include all of them, however it may not always be possible due to poor image quality, too small, un-croppable etc. If you would like more/less repetition of a specific image it is possible during the amendment phase to point out which image you would like to appear a few more/less times in the design.

Can I have images in specific places? For personal murals, it is possible although not advisable to direct where you want images to appear; as our graphic designers will understand where each image should be placed for maximum effectiveness based on the nature of the images supplied. For mosaics it’s not possible to say where you want the mosaic images to go specifically, as the placement of them depends on the lightness/darkness of the image and the colouring.
I have fewer than maximum number of images, is there a minimum? For a mosaic there really isn’t a minimum number of images you need to make a mosaic, we have done a mosaic with only a couple of images, but its important to remember that with fewer mosaic images there will be more repeats, and identical images may be adjacent in the design. For a mural there isn’t really a minimum either, (although one image would be a canvas print, not a mural!) the fewer images you provide, the larger they will be in the overall design, which can have more impact and ultimately create a more powerful design.
I have more images than the maximum number allowable, can I send you all of them? We ask that you edit your selection to contain no more than the maximum number of images. If the number of images we receive turns out to be far greater than the maximum image allowance we will contact you to ask whether you would like to resend an edited version of the images or if you would like us to randomly select images up to the maximum number.
Can I add/ take away images or words? Once the project has begun it is not possible to add or take away images/words from your library. When supplying your images/words please ensure that you would want all of them to appear in the design, and do not include any which you do not want in the design. For murals in particular, it’s essential we know exactly what images we have to work with, as we fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle, considering the shape, orientation and colour balance of each image. We will always do our best to make adjustments when the client would like something tweaked, but once the project commences, adding or taking away images requires a rework of the whole layout (which we will have to charge for), in order to ensure that the design is balanced, and looks it best. This is why we ask that you carefully choose the images that will be used, and pre-warn us if there are any images you would like us to feature.

My images are actual photos, not digital photos, do you offer a scanning service?

Yes we do offer a scanning service, please get in touch with us with the number of images you would like to be scanned for a quote.

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