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Rockwater Hotel - Hove

What art can do for a venue.

Rockwater is a luxury three level venue on the seafront in Hove. Redeveloped from scratch in 2020, there was no expense spared in making the venue the very best that Hove has to offer. From the wallpaper to the taps in the bathrooms, everything oozes class. As part of the redvelopment, the owner, a keen art collector himself, had the vision of Rockwater being synonymous with art. 

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Working Together

They wanted the downstairs hallway to be instagrammable, and for the whole venue to be set off with memorable, relevant art. Rare came on board after 2 failed attempts with other art companies, to create exactly what they wanted.

The building is 3 levels, and has 3 very distinct dining areas as well as passageways leading to each area. We created collections for each area, focusing on originals for the main restaurant areas to enhance the decadent luxury feel, a collage collection in the main stairwell, an istagrammable hallway with brighton/hove themed embellished works that have been tagged incessantly since the opening, a mosaic range for the small bar area downstairs, and even a aluminium dog rane in the gents toilets and something to fit that incredible feel of the ladies toilets.

A piece of art in every cubicle – for those in need of a class on attention to detail – Rockwater might just be it!

Once the building was open, the owner asked for an installation to be made for the large ledge going doen the stairwell. Amber was delighted to work on her first sculpture Chip, a seagull emblazoned with the urban style used around the venue, and made a base of steetart inspired pebbles on a resin bed of blue sea with glitter and stencil treatment.

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Amber-Jane Raab

The founder and lead artist at Rare Interior Art,  Amber-Jane is living the dream, creating affordable show stopping art for all, as well as collaborating with other artists to create unique new ranges…

Her work has been showcased around the world and has become highly collectable. 

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