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Westfield - 20 Years of Rare

Go Big Or Go Home...

Taking over a monumental-sized shop in the heart of London’s Westfield was quite a feat! Their first pop-up, Rare took over what had been a huge Sports shop in the heart of the Shepherds Bush shopping centre. With a whopping 55 metres of hanging space, the team worked hard to make sure it was curated to give clients a tour of the work by Amber-Jane Raab, over the 20 years of Rare Interior Art.

By creating a display the depicted each collection that had been made in chronological order, it not only looked great, but told a story of the life of Rare – and Amber.

"It was pretty humbling to see the space once we’d finished, it was literally 20 years of hard, dedicated work. Work that I have enjoyed so immensely, and feel so lucky to have been immersed in. I started out working in the city in a hard and fast environment that wore me down, but made a lot of financial sense. Taking the chance on starting my own business was nerve rackin to say the least, but walking around this pop up was the confirmation of what an excellent decision it had been."

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