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A director at Propel is a keen collector of Amber-Jane Raab’s art, and got in touch when she wanted to give their new headquarters meeting room a lift In the four white walls of this very typical meeting room, she wanted a pop of colour, and something to use as a backdrop for zoom meetings.

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Working Together

She got in touch, as their company had also been buying small pieces of art from Rare to give away at exhibitions and showcases.

After liaising with Amber, and understanding budgets and requirements, Amber came up with a design that they could use in different ways, to assist with the budget restrictions, whist giving them the most bang for their buck.

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The Artistic Process

Amber created a striking propeller design, which was then turned into 2 original pieces, one each for the meeting rooms in Newport and Manchester. By using the same design but adding different treatments (one piece had gold leaf and the use of metallic paints and highlights, whilst the second had neon spraypaints and embellishements), we were able to create super-striking works on a reduced budget.

In addition to this, we were able to give them a bespoke solution for their giveaways. The design has been created as a limited edition in 3 sizes. The Propel team order these when they require gifts for clients, giveaways and prizes for events, and prizes for their staff members.

Each is hand-embellished and as they can be made to the size/budget that meets their requirement each time they order.

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We can work with you and your business to help set you apart from the competition. Working collaboratively we can work on creating customer experiences that are simply too good to keep to themselves.

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Amber-Jane Raab

The founder and lead artist at Rare Interior Art,  Amber-Jane is living the dream, creating affordable show stopping art for all, as well as collaborating with other artists to create unique new ranges…

Her work has been showcased around the world and has become highly collectable. 

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