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Spiritual Symbolism in Art and Interior Design

Spiritual Symbolism in Art and Interior Design

Whether it be an idol of your personal spiritual journey and religion, or merely a symbolic addition to your home aesthetic, our Temple art collections capture the serene themes of key spiritual icons in contemporary
Home interiors Buddha
While one doesn’t need to follow the religion that is symbolised in the artwork, it is always important to remember to hang spiritual artwork in an area of your home that shows respect for the idol and it’s religious meaning.
Hindu Symbolism in Art 
Lord Shiva Blue
Having a statue or image of Lord Ganesha or Shiva in your home is a personal choice. In many Hindu households, paying tribute to spiritual idols in the home is a cultural tradition that has been passed down through generations. It's a way of preserving and honoring their cultural heritage.
Lord Ganesha represents:
  • Blessings and Prosperity

  • Beginnings and New Ventures

  • Remover of obstacles

    Ganesh artwork
Ganesha is also known for his wisdom and intelligence, His elephant head represents deep wisdom and the ability to make smart decisions. By having a Ganesha idol in your home, it can remind you to always seek knowledge and make informed choices.
Buddhist Idols in Art 
Buddhism symbolism holds significant importance in representing the core values and beliefs of the Buddhist faith. Symbolic imagery is used extensively within Buddhism to communicate complex philosophical concepts and spiritual teachings, often abstract and profound in
Depictions of the Buddha, whether in statues, paintings, or sculptures, serve as powerful symbols of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. 
The representation of the Buddha's physical attributes and serene facial expressions, are meant to convey his transcendence beyond worldly concerns and has been interpreted in art across the globe for generations. 
Spiritual Art in Home Design
Apart from their symbolic and spiritual significance, art that is rooted in spiritual symbolism is often very visually calming, and is a source of inspiration for many interior designers across the globe.
So, whether it's for seeking blessings, overcoming obstacles, or simply appreciating the beauty of spirituality in art, having a statue or image of Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Buddha or similar can bring positivity, inspiration, and a sense of connection to something greater in your home. 
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