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About Rare

For over 20 years Rare Interior Art have lived up to our founder's vision.

"To make more people an art collector of unique work."

Through these years we have created collections, and originals for all types of art lover. All handmade in our studio in the UK.

Dive into our online gallery to explore a diverse array of artwork inspired by the essence and energy of London's iconic sites.

From the majestic silhouette of Big Ben to the modernist architectural marvels like The Gherkin, each piece intricately captures the spirit of these landmarks. Our curated collection is a celebration of the 'Art of London,' where tradition meets innovation, and each creation tells a distinctive story, making it a perfect addition to any art lover's collection.

St Pauls Cathedral Art
Discover the 'Art of London' through our extraordinary pieces, designed to infuse your space with the city's unique charm and personality.

With our exclusive range, you can bring the magic of London's landmarks into your home or office, adding a touch of the extraordinary to your surroundings. Join us on this artistic journey and explore the 'Art of London' redefined in the most distinctive and captivating manner, available for purchase online.

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