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Street Flamingos - Original

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About the Artist

The founder and lead artist at Rare Interior Art,  Amber-Jane is living the dream, creating affordable show stopping art for all, as well as collaborating with other artists to create unique new ranges.

Her work has been showcased around the world and has become highly collectable. 

Street Flamingos Original is a Original Artwork by Amber-Jane Raab. This piece beautifully captures the essence of Flamingos with just a hint of urban in the spray paint, ink and resin finish.

With its bold background contrasting with the vibrant tones of the Flamingos makes for an outstanding piece of art. The feathers are adorned with embossing powder and inks pigment to reflect the light and add movement, finished i=with accents of raised paint that make the piece pop. This piece adds vibrancy and energy to any space, making it the ideal piece to brighten any room. This piece is exquisitely finished with a high shine resin. This piece measures 100x120cm.

This original art is created by Amber-Jane Raab and sold at Rare Interior Art is of the highest quality and finish. You should expect only the very best, and we pride ourselves on surpassing our client's expectations. From the quality of the art, to the service provided, expect only the best from Rare Interior Art. We are always here to answer any questions you may have, or pop in and see us or call us on 0203 5815674.


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