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A work comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some examples of the different sizes available. Please check each work as not all work comes in all sizes.

Canvas Limited Editions

Want To Frame Your Canvas?

We have a few options to frame your Canvas prints, to make it extra special. Simple add the work to your basket and then choose your framing options here.

Take your art to the next level and add a custom-made frame.  These inlay frames create a floating effect for all canvas works sold on our website (measuring 38mm deep, our standard canvas measurement for everything sold at Rare Interior Art, unless specified otherwise).

The front profile of the inlay frame measures 2.5cm, and then there is a 2cm gap between the art and the frame itself.  The depth of the frame is 6cm.

These measurements may alter slightly dependant on the size of the artwork.

When buying a piece of our art, you can add this as an additional extra, by picking the size that relates to the piece you have purchased.

Please note, as each of these frames is custom-made, it will take longer to deliver these items.  Someone will be in touch to let you know timescales, or please feel free to contact us for an ETA before you place your order. You can also call us 0203 581 5674.


If you already have a piece of art that you would like us to frame, you will need to bring it to our Beckenham gallery for us to carry out, or we can arrange to have the piece collected. You can contact us for more info before placing your order.

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What our collectors say...

Find the right art for the right room.

Here at Rare we can help you find the right piece of art for any space. Be that a commercial setting or for your home.

We can find you the right pieces to tie into brand or decor themes. The right pieces to hang with other artist in your collection.

Speak to our artists and gallery staff for more information.

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