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Explore Urban Wildlife this Summer

Explore Urban Wildlife this Summer

 The Urban Wildlife series is an electric collection of original work by Amber-Jane Raab, exploring the friction and harmony of nature in the city. The series has been growing over the years, and stands as a bold testament to the artist’s love of tropical wildlife and the sights and energy of the concrete jungle. With tropical and botanical references, and Raab’s distinctive pattern layering technique, each piece brings the viewer in closer to reveal a hidden world of detail. Let’s take a deeper look!

Peacock Perfection in an eclectic boho chic design

"A  mash-up of the beauty of nature juxtaposed with the patterns and grit of the city with all of it’s street art, signs and everything that comes with it." 

 Amber-Jane Raab

A monochromatic colour scheme, lifted with golds and a pop of pink in the ever classy Marble Butterfly. 

A skilled digital artist with a past in graphic design, Raab has developed a digital art style that creates a depth and intrigue in each piece. From leopard print to botanical sprawls, patterns are creating using motifs found in the wild and in the streets.

Blue Hummingbirds in a neutral country scheme. 

Each unique element is revealed in the image with thought, and integrated with an expressionist paint technique that has become synonymous with the artist’s work.   Raab’s mixed media technique cleverly creates a sense of organised chaos, with layers of digital imagery curated and collaged, then topped with raised paints, glitters, sprays, resin and more. It’s a process of love, with each piece turning out unique from the next.

Explore our hand-embellished Wildside series for a limited edition experience of Amber’s urban jungle, and dive deeper into the textures and colours of animals, birds and botanical scenes. 

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