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The World of Freddie Mercury - A Rare Review

The World of Freddie Mercury - A Rare Review


The World of Freddie Mercury 

You may know of through our Freddie Mercury digital mosaic, but you may not know that we are some of the icon’s biggest fans! When we heard there was an auction and exhibition of Freddie’s most prized possessions on at Sotheby's until September, we knew we just HAD to go, and here's what we thought! 

It’s often spoken about that the legendary frontman of Queen had a dream to live like a Victorian explorer, amidst a sea of knick-knacks, and the collection shows just that. Years of tasteful and historic collecting meant that Mercury ultimately left behind a treasure drove off artwork, costumes Japanese ceramics and all sorts of career related memorabilia.  A fashion icon through and through, you can own the famous crown and cloak that he wore in the finale rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ during his last tour with Queen. It’s estimated at £60 000 to £80 000 in the auction!

The display included an array of personal items, including stage costumes embellished with sequins and feathers, handwritten lyrics revealing his poetic genius, and intimate photographs capturing both iconic moments on stage and private snapshots behind the scenes.  By arranging the objects thematically, connections between different pieces are highlighted, allowing viewers to make deeper connections and gain a more comprehensive understanding of Freddie.  

Meticulously curated, the exhibition lets the viewer explore a unique glimpse into Mercury's interests beyond music, from his early years as a shy and ambitious young man to his transformation into the flamboyant and charismatic performer adored by millions worldwide. His fascination with Japanese culture shines through too, showing how his many years of touring had a huge impact on him, and encouraged him to collect beautiful things from across the globe. 

Additionally, rare audio recordings and footage were presented, offering us a chance to immerse ourselves fully in Mercury's unparalleled prowess.

While I didn’t see this, apparently people have been fainting in awe of the exhibition, so it’s going to be one to remember! Overall, this exhibition provided an intimate tribute to Freddie Mercury while honoring his profound impact on music history. You should go, and let us know what you thought! 

 The exhibition runs from August 4 to September 5 and is completely free!

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