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Cat Art for your Home.

Cat Art for your Home.

Step into a realm where feline grace meets the artistry of hand embellishment.

Our curated collection of cat-inspired masterpieces is a testament to the creative genius of artist Amber-Jane Raab.

Every piece is meticulously crafted, with each cat coming to life through a unique collage of images, skillfully blended and layered to form a captivating whole.

Cats Eyes

Cats Eyes

Cool Kitten

Cool Kitten

Finishing touches

Most of the works in our collections come in a range of presentation finishes. From multiple framing options to a range of canvas sizes.

Each work will display what format is available, but for additional options, like Black Faming and Float Frames and more, click below.

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Browse Our Collections

We have art for everyone here at Rare Interior Art. Whether you are buying your very first piece, or if you are an avid collector of original work already. We have something for everyone.

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About Rare Interior Art

We are an independant gallery, focussed on creating art that gets talked about. Run by Amber-Jane Raab for over 20 years. With locations in London and Brighton. Wanna know more about us? click below.

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