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Interior and Art trends 2020

Interior and Art trends 2020

2020 has begun and every art and interiors enthusiast will be wanting to know the newest trends and upcoming styles. Look no further, we’re giving you a head start on the key trends that bring in the new decade…

Trend 1: Geometric Patterns

The geometric pattern has been a rising star for many years, and it just got bolder…. A simple and popular way to make a bold statement in any room, and a great way to make your home more playful and fun. Match the bold trend with an even bolder colour palette; hues of classic Blues, burnt reds and bright pops of mustard yellow – three colours that are also making a comeback this year. Why not take it to the next level and add mosaic designs for clean lines and imagery that adds even more impact…

Trend 2: Mindful eco-chic…

As we all become more and more conscious about the world, there is no surprise that going green and being mindful will be a statement in our homes. Eco-chic, sustainable home ware and furnishings will be a key trend this year. And it won’t be stopping there, all things botanical will still be a hit, so bring in the plants, and add a touch of spiritual personality to give your space calming character. With going green in mind, many more buyers are becoming mindful of their interior choices and how it’ll be impacting the world. With more and more brands introducing both sustainable and affordable home ware, their will be a rise in people wanting to know the background of their products and the materials used. Recycled products, organic cottons and upcycling is the way forward! Artist Amber-Jane Raaba and Dan Pearce both use recycled materials in the their originals, for a real statement check them out.

Goodbye minimalism and hello maximalism!

We LOVE this trend!.... For years minimalism has been truly on-trend.  However, its all change this year,  maximalism is the new minimalism. Embrace the bolder, bigger and brighter styles. Dramatic street- art inspired shapes, and clashing patterns and art with lots of bold colour are what to look out for when buying art for this exciting new look. Abstract paintings are also hot (watch this space as a new Abstract range is on it’s way to Rare by Artist Amber-Jane Raab!).
Interior enthusiasts beware,  this trend comes with a warning  - it can be easily overdone!  Why  not give us a call or email us with your ideas or requirements, we are always here to offer sound, unbiased and free advice!


Check out Rare interior art Pinterest page where we will be pinning home, trend and design inspirations throughout the year!

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