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We write about whats going on with us at our Brighton and Beckenham galleries, as well as the latest trends and insights from the art world. SIGN UP to our newsletter to get our blogs fresh in your inbox.

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How to add modern art into a traditional home.

Feb 22, 2020

How to add modern art into a traditional home.

Are you in love with the traditional feel of your home yet desire to give it a contemporary and updated look? Do you ...
Street Art Inspired Interiors

Feb 1, 2020

Street Art Inspired Interiors

Here at Rare we are HUGE fans of graffiti and street art and we think urban art is the perfect way to introduce your ...
Interior and Art trends 2020

Jan 13, 2020

Interior and Art trends 2020

2020 has begun and every art and interiors enthusiast will be wanting to know the newest trends and upcoming styles. Look no further, we’re giving you a head start on the key trends that bring in the new decade…

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