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How to add modern art into a traditional home.

How to add modern art into a traditional home.

Are you in love with the traditional feel of your home yet desire to give it a contemporary and updated look? Do you want to go for traditional decor in your house, but add a touch of modern style?

 At Rare, we love finding new trends to help create a modern home, but we believe the best design aesthetics come from bringing your own personality into the space.  Whatever your taste in home décor, an element of contrast is a great way to make your home more interesting, personal and unique.

There are many ways of adding stylish and modern touches but we believe Art is both the most effective and fun! Here are a few examples of how modern art can bring your space alive. 

The best way to create individuality within your traditional home is by adding juxtaposing styles. This could be clashing patterns or even colours. Enhancing what you already have with the right artwork, and allowing the home to flow… A great way to bring life back into your space, especially in a neutral setting, is choosing bolder and brighter art; demanding attention around the walls and décor. This abstract artwork by mixed-media artist Dan Pearce is vibrant and energetic. Surrounded by simple accessories and a traditional fireplace it allows the piece to wow! 


Go smaller and add a collection of well-matched art pieces to make your own personal gallery wall of all your favourite artworks. This is an effective way to add your personality within your space without splashing the cash, and its super fun to do. The possibilities are endless when choosing from our Limited-Edition collections. From digital mosaics of your favourite musical icons, to hand embellished artworks of iconic London destination. All available in many sizes and finishes… canvas or framed?


Does your space have a colour scheme running throughout? Choose an artwork that works in harmony with your existing colour palette. Don’t clutter the space around the art you choose. Clean and bare walls will allow the artwork to speak for itself, as well at the traditional aspects of the homes architectural details.  


Paintings can effortlessly lift and modernise the look of any traditional space. And creating an individuality within your home by adding these tips and details will add a more modern and stylish look that you are wanting.

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