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Gift Guide: For Dog Lovers

Gift Guide: For Dog Lovers

 At Rare, we are all about the love for our pets and we believe 2020 is the year for our dogs! With a new dog breed becoming part of the Rare Family every few months, we’re encouraging you to not forget about our lovable four-legged friends.

That’s why we’ve put together the greatest and unique dog lover’s gifts that will delight both the animal and the owner. From quirky first dog gift sets to the popular pooch artworks, we are bringing you quirky gift ideas that every dog owner will love.   

1. Spoil your dog with this stylish Reversible Bandana, the perfect accessory for a friendly but fashionable pup. Switch up the blue bandana to suit their mood with either “Everybody's Friend" side or the cute bone and treat patterned side. Either way, it'll put a s-wag in their step! 

2. This fun box of goodies will make the perfect present for the any pooch. Presented in a strong and reusable gift box, this set features a printed dog collar and matching lead, 'Super Furry Powers' cotton neckerchief and a neon poop bag. What more could a dog need? 

3. From a collection of fun and quirky limited-edition prints, this Lucky Lab brings out the personality of the lovable dog.  From our large collection, you are bound to find your dog; from labs, to Cockapoos, to Pugs, you can brighten up any space with these fun and joyful artworks by Amber-Jane Raab. From her collection 'Best of British', theirs even more to look at within, with quintessentially British images inside.


 4. DOGMAG- London-based independent modern lifestyle magazine exploring the presence and influence of dogs and their owners in society. Taking a stylish approach and exploring the “meaningful interactions” between man and beast. With each issue dedicated to a specific breed.

5. Part of the collection 'Fashion Dogs' here at Rare Interior Art we have a stylish selection that are made up of all the fashion must haves, including designer brands, sought after fabric and of course a little bling… 

Visit the Rare website or our Pinterest page for more ideas to get the perfect gift for your pet, plus more!


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