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Street Art Inspired Interiors

Street Art Inspired Interiors

Here at Rare we are HUGE fans of graffiti and street art and we think urban art is the perfect way to introduce your individual style into your home. It's our favourite ways to add colour, energy, mood and excitement into any space; as well as staying stylish, edgy and on trend!

Whether you're wanting to go the extra mile with some Graffiti inspired wallpaper, or you’ve seen the perfect lampshade that incorporates expressive street art with contemporary interiors. We have some ideas to help you incorporate urban art into your home, even if it's as simple as hanging some Banksy inspired prints above your dresser.

Street art is all about creativity and expression, we think your home should be too. Urban art is excellent inspiration for up-cycling old furniture by revamping any piece of décor with bold and vibrant colours. It may sound like a lot of time and effort but the result from adding your own character and creativity will make your home unique and different from any other. 

A simpler way to introduce street art into your home is wall art. With graffiti, Banksy and Mr. Brainwash being a huge inspiration at Rare we have LOTS for you to choose from. Why not treat yourself to a collection of Mr Brainwash graffiti works, or a Banksy homage of one of our all-time favourites; flyaway girl. The best-loved little girl reaching for her escaping heart balloon on a subtle brick background made of hundreds of images of his graffiti, the most delicate designs of this urban art mastermind. These artworks are a great way to add both energy and excitement into your room, as well as individual style.


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