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Asian Inspired Interiors

Asian Inspired Interiors

Asian inspired Interiors – an authentic style that is finding its way into modern interior design. From minimalist Asian decor to Hindu and Ganesh artworks, this style of home interiors is perfect for fans of peace and tranquility.

Interiors inspired by Asia and the Hindu religion is a stylish and classy way to decorate your home, and there are many ways to use this design influence around your household. Combining religion, nature and minimalism will result in a tranquil and restful, yet modern style of home. Here we have a few ideas to incorporate Asian style cues in your day to day surroundings.

The Buddha is an iconic element that represents the best of Asian interiors. The inclusion of religious, historical and cultural essence will add depth and harmony to your space. Artist Amber-Jane Raab has a limited-edition collection of Buddha Mosaics as well as Temple and Ganesh Mosaics that would be the perfect home décor to enhance tranquility and style. Pairing the art with rustic wooden furniture and organic woven straw mats will finish off the tranquil feel flawlessly.

In a lot of Asian inspired interiors, the choice of colour palettes represents simplicity and calmness. Neutral tones and mellow shades of yellow go well with softer lighting. But no Asian inspired interiors are complete without vibrant tones that stand out when placed in the calm and neutral setting that you’ve created. Why not try a pop of cherry blossom pink? Or a vibrant turquoise blue?

It’s not just the choice of décor that will create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, to achieve this the whole theme should be Asian inspired. Using scented candles and room diffusers is a powerful tool to change the mood with the sense of smell. Bring in more pillows, blankets and throws - getting extra-cosy is a must and will make any spot more comfortable. Finally, adding some green with potted plants and flowers will add life and nature into your house. These easy details will transform your everyday home into something modern, yet comfortable. If this style of home is for you why not read our 2020 trends blog, where mindful eco chic is a key trend this year.

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